Pasco County Schools Calendar [July 2023 – June 2024]

The Pasco County Schools Calendar is one of the most important services the Pasco School District offers. Pasco Schools Calendar includes all the normal days (school days), holidays (non-school days), special days, submission dates, progressive reports dates and many other aspects. It is a one-year calendar from July 23 to June 24. 

The Pasco County School Board has prepared the Pasco County School Calendar 22-23, targeting mostly students and teachers. However, it is a very useful calendar for parents to check the number of school days and non-school days so that they can plan and discuss with their child or teachers. Apart from these simple benefits, the calendar is useful for getting many other details.

pasco county schools calendar

In today’s article, you will learn interesting facts about the school calendar of Pasco County that will help you to learn about its importance.

Why is the Pasco County School Calendar Important?

Pasco School District offers many online services that help the student achieve the best possible academic experience. Located in Tampa, Florida, the school district provides high-quality educational services to more than 100,000 students.

The calendar of Pasco County helps the student in managing their effectively. They can refer to the calendar and list all the major events, holidays, and non-school days to can a list of activities related or unrelated to the course. 

A calendar in any school serves as a blueprint for planning that helps get fruit when the year ends. I have covered the highlights from the Pasco School’s 2023-24 Year Calendar to help you understand the major events.

MonthDate Event and Holidays
July 10 to 14FTE Survey Week
July 3-9Teacher Planning Days (No school)
August Secondary meet the teacher
August Elementary meet the teacher
August 31Adult Ed-Graduation
September4Labour Day (No school)
September6Early release day
September15Progress report
October 4Early release day
October 9-13FTE Survey Week 
October 13End of the first quarter
October 16Teacher Planning Day (No school)
October 24Report cards
November 1Early release day
November 10 Progress reports
November 20-24Thanksgiving break (No school)
November 20-21Possible Hurricane make-up days
December6Early release day
December22And of the second quarter/semester
December25-29Winter break (No school)
January1-5 Winter break (No school)
January8Teachers’ planning days (No schools)
January10Early release day
January15Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No school)
January16Report cards
January25Adult Ed-Graduation
February5-9FTE Survey Week
February9Progress report
February14Early release day
February19Presidents Day (No school)
March7End of the third quarter
March8Teacher planning day (No school)
March13Early release day
March15Report cards
April10Early release day
April19Progress report
April26Teacher and students (No school)
May TBD State and District Assessments 
May 23-24Student final exam make-ups
May 24Last day of students 
May27Memorial day holiday
May 28-29Teacher post-planning days
June 1-4Graduation cont’d
June TBDReport cards
June 10-14FTE Survey Week

From the above table, you can get a complete idea about the student’s first and last days. With the help of this table, you have to plan your Pasco County Schools Schedule and mark the dates for report cards and progress reports. From the Pasco County Public Schools calendar, you will get raw data which you can use to make your timetable, but here, I have listed all the major events according to the calendar in the above table. The information I provided will help you make your year-long plan for achieving tremendous success.

In the Pasco Calendar given above, you can see that there are different “No school days”, especially on winter breaks, teacher planning days, national holidays and other holidays. Make great use of these days in learning or doing some productive activities. 

Please remember that Pasco County School Calendar 22-23 is not a final or perfect calendar from the Pasco County School Board, as they have the right to make necessary changes in case of any unfortunate and unpredicted circumstances related to weather, pandemic, or any other emergencies. But. The Pasco County Public Schools will ensure that the parents and students, and teachers know about these changes so they can plan ahead.

Go to the Pasco County Schools FL official portal and find the contact details. Use those contact details to contact the support team to help you in case you have any queries. 

Important Details About Pasco Florida School Calendar 2023-24

The Pasco County School Calendar offers parents a great opportunity to check their child’s active and non-active days by checking out the Pasco County Calendar of events, holidays, and no school days. It is also great to know that the school county offers many online services, such as the MyPascoConnect portal, which helps the students maintain their work online and get several digital tools to make their studies more interesting. 

  • The teachers can access this online My Pasco Connect portal to review student attendance, assignments, and other submissions. It also allows parents to check their child’s progress and their grades throughout the year. The online services will enable them to stay up-to-date with the information about the child.
  • With the help of a calendar, the students can take advantage of school days as well as no-school days to stay on top of their knowledge and studies. There are multiple resources available for students to exploit and plan out their activities throughout the year.
  • You can look forward to participating in exciting events, co-curricular activities, sports, functions, and circumstances, and plan your after-school activities. You can also reach out to the teacher if you have any doubts about the course, subject or topic. You can spend the extra time learning the online Pasco County Student portal and a number of online resources it offers.

Pasco County Schools Calendar Formats 

Pasco County Schools Calendar for 2023-24 is available in two formats; 1) PDF version and 2) Google Calendar version. Both of these versions are accessible by the users online. The PDF version is easily accessible and printable by students, teachers, or parents. However, you may need to choose a subscription plan to access the Google Calendar version. To access the Google Calendar, you need to click this link – Click here

Here are the popular substitution plans which you can choose from,

  • Subscription with Google Calendar 
  • Subscription with Google Calendar on Android and Windows
  • Subscription with Mac OS will be in “.ics” file format.

Note: If there are additional work calendars, some users (employees) will have to pay for them according to the furlough days. For more details, please click this URL – Link 

How to Subscribe to the Pasco County Schools Calendar?

To subscribe to the Pasco County School’s Calendar, you need to follow certain steps. For your convenience, I have listed the steps below,

  • First, open Outlook and click on Access the “Add Calendar.” 
  • There will be a “Subscribe from the web” option on the left side of the page. Please click on it. 
  • After that, you copy this link and paste it on your browser- webcal:// 
  • Name the calendar according to your preference. (Most students name it “Pasco County Schools Calendar”. 
  • As you click the “Import” button, your calendar is all set!

Note: Please follow the steps as instructed; otherwise, you will face issues with the 


The Pasco County Schools Calendar is a great document to manage your academic year from start to finish. Once the academic year starts, every student begins making plans one way or another. Everything will go smoothly throughout the year if the planning is done perfectly. With the help of the Pasco County School Calendar for 2023-24, students, teachers, and even parents can overview their child’s overall progress.

I hope the information I provided has guided you well. For any further questions, suggestions or doubts related to Florida School Calendar 2023-24, please use the comment box to share them.


On which days do students of Pasco County get no school?

Pasco County students get several no-school days on the below occasions,

  • Pasco County Winter Break,
  • Teacher planning meetings
  • Pasco County Holidays and national holidays
  • Elections (depends upon the school)
  • Primaries
  • Emergencies 

Not only these, but the students also get holidays for any natural or man-made emergencies.

When Does School End In Florida 2023?

The last day of the school district in Florida will be Monday, May 26, 2024. 

When Is Pasco County Spring Break?

In Florida, the summer break is around 11 weeks, during which most of the schools follow a particular Pasco County School Schedule for ending and starting dates. Here, the ending date for summer breaking Florida is May 26, and the beginning date is August 10.

How many High Schools In Pasco County offer the best education?

There are 28 High Schools In Pasco County that provide education to more than 26000 students. The top-ranked schools available in Pascal County are as follows,

  • Dayspring Academy
  • Pasco Eschool
  • Wiregrass Ranch High School

The schools mentioned here have specific rankings and scores to rank at the top. However, there are many other schools in the county that you can explore.

Does Pasco County Have School Today?

By today, you mean the day you ask the question when the timing to know, and the date will be different. So, you can see the table in this article, identify what day it is today, and check if it is a holiday. 

When is Pasco County Spring Break?

Pasco County Spring Break begins on March 18 and ends on March 22, 2024. 

What is the Pasco School District Phone Number for resolving problems?

Dial +1-509-543-6700, which is the official number of the Pasco County School District. In case you want to contact any specific authority, please use this website link – 

During which holidays Pasco schools in Florida will stay closed?

Florida Pasco schools stay closed on national holidays, holidays and other occasions.

  • Labour day 
  • Thanksgiving break 
  • Martin Luther King Day 
  • Spring holiday 
  • Two falls holidays 
  • Memorial day 
  • Spring break 
  • President’s day 
  • Others